Buyer's Representation

     Buyer's Representation is a phenomenal deal!  This service is provided at NO CHARGE.   (Our fees are paid by the seller of the home you purchase.)

  As your Buyer's Representative we work for YOU!  Protecting and guiding you through the process of purchasing a home is our priority.  We will assist you by:
  • Sending you daily email listings (of homes for sale) that meet your search criteria.  This saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to search through endless classified ads in newspapers and magazines.  Check your email daily for the latest updates.
  • Sending you valuable informative news letters (if you so choose) to help you better understand the many details involved in purchasing a home.
  • Contacting all seller's representatives and scheduling all appointments at times that are convenient for you.  We will quickly respond to all of your requests.
  • Presenting and negotiating your purchase offer in a timely manner to insure your offer is given full consideration and that you secure the best deal possible.  (This maximizes your chance of acquiring your dream home should other parties be interested in purchasing the same home.) 
  • Working closely with your mortgage broker to make sure all necessary paperwork is completed on schedule.  This helps to eliminate potential costly delays. 

  • Scheduling all necessary home inspections and reviewing inspection reports with you.  We advise you on which concerns we believe should be addressed prior to the purchase of your home, and then present these to the seller's agent. 
  • Organizing and overseeing  the closing (the actual transfer of ownership from seller to buyer) to make sure that all interested parties (mortgage broker, attorneys, seller's/buyer's agents and their clients) are present and that all necessary documents are prepared and ready for review.
     Be assured that our agents are always available to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns.  Our goal is to guide you in the purchase of your new home, and simplify what can be a very complicated and often overwhelming process.  We look forward to shaking your hand and congratulating you on the purchase of your new dream home... and hopefully along the way you will come to view us as your trusted advisor, and will seek our expertise in the future should the need arise.

     Again, all of the above services are at no charge to you.  Can you afford not to retain a Buyer's Representative?

To retain your Exclusive Buyer's Agent from the Watermark Realty Team, please fill in your information below.  One of our dedicated agents will contact you shortly.


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